We are the creative and global agency that tells your stories.

B8 Agency is independent, experienced and cross-disciplinary.

Its project is to accompany, through digital creation, initiatives of public utility for a more united, ecological and just world.

And because your images are ours. We share with you the ambition and pride of a successful campaign.

Years by your side

Countries traveled with you

Projects together

The Team

Axel Zeiliger

Co-founder, producer, director

Yoann Luis


Valentin Wullschleger

Post-production supervisor

The story

B8 Agency is the new subsidiary of Block 8 Production.

It was in 2015 that the Block 8 adventure began around the project of making useful and impactful films, with bold form and subjects. A company born from the meeting of the two founders, Yoann Luis and Axel Zeiliger, and a collective around image and sound. Our driving force: the desire to make our own films, documentaries or fiction, but also to produce those of a talented generation within which we evolve. A breeding ground of artists, technicians, authors and filmmakers cultivating their passion, involved in their professions, eager for new forms, committed to their time.

The desire to tell stories has echoed the needs of various actors in society involved in areas to which we are always sensitive: culture, ecology, employment, education, solidarity and sustainable development.

In parallel to its cinematographic activities, Block 8 has naturally put its skills at the service of associations, NGOs, public or cultural institutions and even artists.

The cinema and video professions being interconnected, we have developed these two ambitions over the past 8 years through numerous projects and meetings. In 2022, based on our experience, we decided to separate our activities to better serve you and created Agence B8, exclusively dedicated to our clients’ projects.

Although our team is available internationally, our offices are located in the heart of Lyon, France. We have at our disposal all the collaborators, all the equipment and all the energy necessary to the success of the projects that you will entrust to us.

They work with us

Jacques Vanel

Actor & Director

Briac Durand


Robin Vergnes

Assistant director

Raphaël Pibarot

Sound editor & mixer

Vincent Mortier

Sound engineer

Onirium Studio / Graphic design

Spline Studio / Video production

Hana-Bi Prod / Video production

Top Shots / Drone

Pencaster / Illustration

Lasco / Digital & Artistic

Robin Pogorzelski

Director & Director of Photography

Jean Combier

Director of photography

Simon Gillouin


Block 8 Production is our film and television production company.

Block 8’s mission is to produce and distribute fiction and documentary projects internationally.

B8 Agency is our global communication entity, dedicated to the needs of organizations and commercial companies.

Specialized in video production, its expertise extends to all areas of digital creation.

Against the grain of the large generalist coworking spaces, we have set up Le Lab.

A collaborative workspace entirely dedicated to audiovisual production and digital creation.