Audiovisual production company in Lyon

More than ever before, video is a key element in the communication of a brand, a company, an institution, an event or an association.

As the amount of screens and contents rises, B8 Agency offers you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd by relying on unlimited creativity and uncompromising quality.

At B8, we favor a cinematic aesthetic for each of our productions, paying particular attention to the light, colors and composition of our shots. Each video is important, because the film we create for you are also our image.

From the premises of our agency located in Lyon, in the Croix Rousse district, we will use all the resources of our agency to accompany you in your audiovisual project. 

When you contact B8 Agency, we define together your communication goals and your production constraints (planning, budget, etc).


Our team of creatives, directors and scriptwriters meets with you to imagine an innovative concept and format that matches your needs.

The producers are then in charge of organizing location scouting, casting the actors and actresses, recruiting the team and the film equipment best suited to your film project. You will be able to attend the shooting of your video in the best possible conditions.

The post-production can then start in close collaboration with you, in order to maximize the expected results based on your feedback. Our experience in project management makes the range of possibilities endless. One constant: the high expectation we share!


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There are many audiovisual production companies in Lyon :
why work with Block 8 Production?

3 good reasons to choose Block 8 Production for your video project

A remarkable artistic direction: B8 works with a pool of artists and directors with various visual universes, and we will be able to offer you original and innovative ideas for all your projects. All of our creative people have one thing in common: the desire to stand out, to be original, while being realistic and demanding on the final result.

Whatever the requested service, the B8 team will be able to offer you something at the forefront of artistic trends and technologies.

A unique workflow: B8’s specificity is to gather in its office all the talents, skills and materials needed to create your videos. This “American style” organization of the production chain (according to the operating model of the major studios) allows B8 to supervise and optimize each step of your audiovisual project by ensuring smooth communication for greater efficiency.

At B8, we can assist you internally for the pitch, script, moodboard, location scouting, casting, shooting of course, but also editing, color grading (color correction), in-studio sound editing and mixing, voice-over recording in all languages, graphics, motion design, subtitling, translation. We can also offer you our services to design your communication campaigns, planning, social networks, web design, etc.

A valuable experience: since its creation in 2015, Block 8 has produced more than 200 projects of all kinds: interviews, institutional videos, animated videos, music videos, short fiction films, documentaries, websites, print (booklets, posters…).

Our teams have already provided services in more than 15 countries and as many different languages. Thanks to its curriculum, Block 8 has all the maturity and realism to drive your audiovisual project.

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By collaborating with Block 8, you will have the guarantee of an innovative, efficient and serene audiovisual service.



From the pitch to the final script, writing is a creative process related to the upcoming shoot. Idea, concept, story, structure… The script is a crucial step for your project, but our creative and experienced writers look forward to taking on the challenge with you.

Location scouting

finding the right locations for your shoot is essential. We will always offer you realistic choices of location, both in terms of cost and geographical situation. Mood, configuration, availability, creativity: with our agency, your location scouting is in good hands.


B8 has a very large network of actors and extras to find the perfect match for your film. You have the choice, we guarantee the result. Movie actors and actresses, theatre actors, models, models, influencers, musicians, artists, professionals or amateurs, all types of physiques and age groups are available. Block 8 takes care of casting them to ensure that they fit your project.


We share with you the technical breakdown of your film in the form of drawings in order to get a concrete idea of the filming to come: composition and scale of the shots, dynamics of the movements, editing… The storyboarder is an artist who will allow you to visualize your video.


To create the shots, Block 8 will always propose a team and means adapted to your needs and budget. From a freelance videographer to a team of several dozen people ensuring the most ambitious productions, the art of filming is to make the right choices. Block 8’s experience in this field is decisive: we collaborate with the best entertainment professionals, artists and film technicians, with whom we have developed over the years a relationship of trust on our film sets. Whether on location or in the studio, Block 8 surrounds itself with the most skilled profiles: directors, cameramen, camera assistants, sound engineer, grips, electricians, gaffers, set designer, props designers, make-up artists, stage managers, catering… Block 8 also collaborates with the most reliable equipment vendors and rental companies in the Lyon area.


Shooting in a studio dedicated to filming is sometimes essential to bring your project to a successful outcome. Controlling the lighting, the environment, the background, the atmosphere are all constraints that can be customized in a film studio. Whether you want to make a packshot of a product for an advertisement, or create a unique setting for a clip, the studio offers many advantages. It is also in the studio that the shots are taken on a green background (green key) in order to create the inlays. Block 8 has a small shooting studio (video and photo) in its office, and has close links with the main studios in the Lyon area, like Indie Studio.


This is the 2D animation of computer-generated graphics. This technology allows a graphic designer (or motion-designer in this case) to create an entire animated film. This technique is often used for video tutorials for its effectiveness in conveying a universal message. Original references, color palette, character design, sophisticated motion animation: when Block 8 creates a motion-design movie for you, there are no limits.


The art of putting shots together to tell a story. By adjusting the cuts, the rhythm, the shot scales, the fluidity of the sequences, editing makes your film unique and effective. At Block 8, we have the staff and equipment dedicated to full-time video editing to allow your project to be edited in the best conditions. This is where your film takes shape, a crucial step usually done on Premiere Pro CC or Final Cut Pro X software.


Aerial shots allow you to develop an ambitious and spectacular narrative. B8 collaborates with the best drone pilots and camera operators to allow your video to gain height.


The dressing and titling of your videos is a crucial step. The graphic designer is usually inspired by your visual identity, if he does not have to create a custom one. Adding titles, name tags, an intro and an outro to your video is often essential to its finalization, to indicate credits for example


Once the editing is validated, it is advisable to proceed to the colorimetric correction of your film. For example, the colorist can harmonise the colors and moods between shots from different environments for more unity, but also to give a unique “look” to your film, which is very important for narration and visual immersion. Colorgrading is generally carried out on screens calibrated with Da Vinci software

Sound recording

Thanks to its sound studio managed by a professional sound engineer, Block 8 can make sound recordings from our office building, the quality of which is essential for your projects. It is here that the actors or actresses come to sit in front of the microphones to record a voice-over for an institutional film or a documentary. After recording in a soundproofed environment, the sound engineer processes the voice to calibrate it according to the broadcast: TV, cinema, internet… Pro Tools software is a must for processing a recording with the mixer. A voice-over can also be used to dub your movie into another language, for example, depending on the translations required.


The creation of sounds, or even a sound environment, for your video’s look and feel. The sounds you hear in a movie don’t always come from the shooting, but they are often sound effects created and added in post-production to make your video more immersive. Here again, Block 8’s studio is a must.

Musical composition

Whether it is for a corporate film, a documentary or a fiction, the musical score heard is often unique. It is the result of the work of inspired artists who are experts in composing music for the screen. Original music is adds to the narrative dimension of your project.


It is the art of assembling all the sound tracks (voice, sound effects, music, ambiences) and giving them the desired level for an immersive audio result. The mixing is carried out in Block 8’s sound studio in front of a huge screen to get into projection condition. It meets various requirements depending on the broadcasting medium: mono or stereo, and even 5.1 for a surround sound environment in a movie theater.


Inserting text at the bottom of the screen is often essential for several reasons. First of all, the languages spoken in the video are not always those understood by the viewer, and subtitles allow for translation. Block 8 collaborates with several translation agencies for this purpose and all languages are possible. Subtitles can also be used to address a hearing impaired audience, or simply viewers who watch your video without sound on their smartphone.


The Digital Cinema Package is a very specific format used by professionals in the cinema industry. It allows you to screen your film in the resolution required by the cinema, as well as to adapt the sound to the equipment in the theatre, in particular the immersive 5.1. The creation of a DCP is restrictive and involves software, machines and trained personnel, which you will find at Block 8. For example, many film festivals require films to be screened in DCP.


Sometimes your video involves digital tricks to give life to elements that are impossible to film in real life: special effects. This is the work of vfx artists who use all their creativity on powerful software, in 2D or 3D. It is for example at this stage of post-production that we can erase an annoying detail, or inlay a chosen set on these famous green backgrounds provided during the studio shoot

What makes B8 Production so special?

B8 Agency is one of the only video production companies to offer you all the necessary skills in-house, which guarantees efficiency, artistic coherence and incomparable cost control. ​

With B8 you have only one contact (the producer) who knows every step of your project, every technician, every constraint. His overview of your expectations and objectives is a precious asset for the management of your project, allowing a smooth and realistic service relationship with you. ​

B8 has a fair price policy for all its customers. This approach allows us to remunerate the artists and technicians with whom we collaborate at their fair value because they are essential links in the production chain. However, we never try to inflate prices for a major client: work is work, and we give priority to quality and honesty in our customer relations in all circumstances. ​

B8 is located in Lyon, in the emblematic Croix Rousse district. We can receive you there on 3 floors with all the necessary comfort for work meetings, as well as if you wish to attend certain stages of the production or post-production of your project. No more chasing after various freelancers who cannot welcome you because they work from home!

Being based in Lyon allows B8 to take a realistic approach to video production, far from the exorbitant costs practiced by many agencies in Paris. Firstly because we are not subject to the same competitive environment, and above all because we have a network of experienced technicians, artists and entertainment workers in the provinces.

Staff, equipment, studio: Lyon has everything you need to make your film a success. And even more: we are in the heart of the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region with its natural treasures and unique heritage. Nature, mountains, vineyards, terroir… It’s good to shoot in the provinces! ​

Finally, it is not because we are based in Lyon that we are stuck there! Close to major roads and railways, we are regularly called upon in Paris, Geneva and all over France for our competitiveness, as well as in Brussels in particular. And thanks to its proximity to Saint-Exupery airport, Block 8 has already worked in more than 15 different countries.

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A quality film is a real marketing asset

Investing in a video for your company’s communication is an investment in its long-term image. Because a successful film will make a crucial first impression on you, it is essential to give it the means to impact its audience. A film allows you to present yourself to your partners and clients in a spectacular and impactful way, whether in a meeting or at a trade show. It also allows a viral diffusion of your company thanks to social networks for instance. Your video must resemble you, translate your values, your commitments, your audacity.

It must also provide essential information to present your project or your activity. At B8, we believe that quality is synonymous with sustainability: better a beautiful video that will be effective for years to come, than several small, unambitious videos whose life will be short-lived.

Precisely managed video production

With B8, you won’t leave anything to chance. We have experience of many projects in fields as varied as mountaineering, health, fashion, building or cooking… Over the years, we have been able to adapt to all clients, all budgets and all possible constraints with the same professionalism.

Whatever your project, your satisfaction is our primary objective. We favor long-lasting and sincere relationships with our clients, which is why our commitment to your project is boundless.

A project manager dedicated to your project

When you choose to work with B8, you benefit from a single point of contact throughout your project. A producer is thus assigned to each project according to his or her sensitivity and experience in order to offer you optimal support.

He or she will be your sole contact from the first meetings to the finalization of the post-production of your video, with a concern for efficiency and fluidity. This personalization of the project also allows us to get to know you better, anticipate your needs and perhaps surprise you. 

One goal: to make everyone proud of what we’ve created

We also engage our image through yours, so rest assured that we will surpass ourselves to get the best possible result. Each project is different, and as many opportunities for Block 8 to reinvent itself, to confront new technologies, new environments, to look for new inspirations for you.

A well-made video can last several years without being affected by fashion. Its production quality is a guarantee of your ambition as well as ours, and we don’t neglect any aspect. Our greatest reward is the pride we share with our client after a successful collaboration!

Achievements that stand out

Block 8 videos have always been noticed for their originality and quality. Some of our films have been selected dozens of times in international festivals, where they have often won awards. Block 8’s work has also been broadcasted on more than ten television channels around the world, and has been a hit on YouTube and social networks, accumulating millions of views. What all our achievements have in common is their high standards and ambition.

Music videos

B8 has already produced more than 40 music videos for over 30 different artists. Each music video project is different, adapted to the musical universe of the performers, and implies an ambitious shoot to create a strong visual identity. B8 has notably collaborated with various internationally recognized labels, such as Polydor, Universal Music or Warner.

Many of our clips have been broadcasted on television (M6, MCM, W9, etc) and have met with success on YouTube. For example “Pop Corn”, directed for french hip hop artist Boostee, has accumulated more than 15 million views. “Sereinement” was shot for the same artist with the participation of Miss France. The music video “Besoin d’Air” was shot on the portuguese coast.

Corporate videos

Working for public institutions, private companies, non-profits or international NGOs, Block 8 has already created more than 150 videos designed to communicate a product, an activity, an event or a project of its clients.

Whether for the United Nations in Georgia, for Handicap International in Morocco and Rwanda, for the European Environmental Office in Brussels, for the City of Paris or the City of Lyon, for pastry chefs, researchers or fashion designers… we have been able to create ambitious content that has satisfied all our clients.

Fiction films

B8 also develops projects for short fiction films. Because cinema is our primary ambition, we have been able to write original screenplays and use all means to shoot them. With more than 10 short films, selections in festivals have followed one another all over the world. B8 is now developing feature film and series projects for the future: ambitious films that we are developing in partnership with international investors to tell our stories in images.


Documentary cinema is a formidable tool for grasping reality. Block 8 produces documentary films on many subjects, notably through short formats that portray remarkable people, which you can view in full on our site. Block 8 has also produced “Everest Green”, a 52min documentary broadcast worldwide, on the traces of a clean-up expedition climbing the highest peak in the world.

Along with its co-production partners, Block 8 is developing other documentaries for the future.

Why is Block 8 Production settled in Lyon?

Block 8 chose to settle in Lyon to develop its activity in the heart of a remarkable environment, taking the opposite side of the Paris-based agencies. Far from the stress and constraints of the capital, Lyon is a gateway to the Auvergne Rhône Alpes region and its unique heritage. The Alps mountains (Isère, Savoie, Haute-Savoie etc.) start at 45 min drive and offer you their snowy peaks as the perfect film set.

The volcanoes of the Massif Central and their green forests, the valleys of the Ardèche and the Drôme are also our neighbours. Greater Lyon and its metropolis are very well connected, by road and by train, with Chambéry, Annecy, Grenoble, Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-en-Velay, Valence, Megève, Geneva… so many cities with a great atmosphere for your filming.

Lyon, an attractive city to shoot your films

The city of Lyon offers districts with very varied atmospheres and unique settings: the Croix Rousse and its viewpoints, the Presqu’Île and its historic city centre architecture, Old Lyon with its narrow streets from the Middle Ages, Confluence for its modern eco-district, Fourvière and its breathtaking panoramas up to the Mont-Blanc, the two rivers (Rhône and Saône) and their green banks, the Parc de la Tête d’Or (largest park in Europe)…

The city’s must-see monuments also have a striking visual potential: the Confluences Museum, the House of the Lumière brothers (fathers of cinema), the Fourvière basilica and the ancient theatre, the Place des Terreaux and its historic facades, the new Décines football stadium and its modernity… There is really everything in Lyon!

What we shot in the area recently

It’s all about looks! Sometimes the film set of your dreams is right in front of your eyes, all you had to do was consult Block 8 to make it happen. Sci-fi forest in the Ain, post-apocalyptic ruins in the Chartreuse and Vercors mountains, American plains in the Dombes, ocean of stars at the municipal swimming pool, Californian streets in the Part-Dieu…

With our imagination and our unique knowledge of the region, we will always have an idea to create a suitable set for your film, even if it means surprising you. One thing is certain, Lyon and its region offer a potential and diversity unequalled in France!

Our offices are located at 86 Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, 69001 Lyon


What is an audiovisual production company?

A film production company is an agency that guides you through all the stages of audiovisual production. From the creation of the concept to the making of a successful video, it's only a step away.

What are the services provided by an audiovisual production company?

B8 offers you its services for script, casting, shooting, editing, special effects, recording and sound mixing, colorgrading, graphics, motion-design... up to the broadcast strategy.

What is the duration of an audiovisual production service?

Shooting is just the tip of the iceberg of creating a film. B8 has developed a very efficient workflow for the rest, so the duration of the performance will depend mainly... on you!