Executive production in Lyon & its region

L’Agence B8 accueille régulièrement des productions de France et de l’étranger qui souhaitent tourner à Lyon ou dans la région. ​Nous vous accompagnons dans le recrutement de techniciens, les repérages, le casting, la location de matériel, l’organisation, la logistique, l’hébergement et le catering.

Notre connaissance de l’environnement local est un atout précieux à votre disposition.

Why entrust us with the production?

Are you in charge of the production of an advertising film, video clip, TV show or other video campaign requiring filming in Lyon in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region? Call on Agence B8 to oversee the executive production of your shoot. Like you, we are experienced in video production, but our local presence gives us the advantage of being on the ground. We know the geographical, administrative and human environment in which you plan to produce your project. And we accompany you in the production as if it were our own.

Agence B8 is ideally located to carry out your scouting and any local authorization requests. But above all, who better than us to assemble and recruit the technicians and artists you need? We have privileged relationships with a vast network of image and sound professionals, as well as with local studios and equipment rental companies. This makes it easy to organize your shoot by delegating these skills to us. With Agence B8, you will find a trusted partner who understands your project and its challenges.


The city of Lyon, with its architecture, its relief and its rivers, is a unique setting for your productions. We will be able to guide your team, obtain filming permits, and provide you with the right plans and contacts.

Agence B8 also does executive production throughout the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with its mountain ranges, natural parks, unique heritage and folklore. Enough to seduce you, summer and winter alike!

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region offers a diversity of settings that is absolutely unique in France. Many historic cities, with architecture that is highly prized for cinema and advertising, await your filming. They are surrounded by typical countryside, with their share of vineyards and castles, stone farmhouses or sumptuous villas. And of course, the numerous mountain ranges will offer you altitude, panoramas, wild nature, biodiversity and unique alpine traditions.

From recruitment to catering

Team recruitment

With more than 8 years of existence, Agence B8 has organized – on its own behalf and for other productions – countless shoots that have allowed it to build a network of trusted professionals. Why send all your technicians on a trip at a high price? We can assemble your team for you, whatever the nature and ambition of your project: there is no profession in which we do not have the ideal person for you, whether it is a location manager or assistant.


Do you need a guide to secure the arrival of your collaborators in our region? Agence B8 puts its production team at your disposal to welcome you and accompany you throughout your shoot. You will have a competent contact person who knows all the details of your project to save you precious time in your organization and local contacts.


Call on Agence B8 to find the decor that your project needs: we know the city of Lyon, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and its 12 departments like the back of our hand! Thanks to our past experiences, our personal networks and our imagination, we will be able to find what you need. And as we are on the spot, we can easily organize a scouting (with or without you) to study each decor in detail.


Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region have a pool of professional actors and extras ready to perform for you. Call on local talent to offer new profiles to the public while reducing your production costs with adapted logistics. Agence B8 puts its network of actors at your service, and can offer you casting direction services, as well as the premises to organize it.

Shooting equipment

The success of a shooting implies a precise list of technical equipment. Cameras, lights, machinery… You can find everything you need in Lyon. But with Agence B8, you’ll also find a partner involved in your choice of equipment, to optimize the logistics and production costs of your project. We have privileged contacts with the main local rental companies who have our trust.


Thanks to its knowledge of the local environment, Agence B8 puts its skills at your service to organize for you the transportation, accommodation and catering of your team during its stay in Lyon or in the region. We can negotiate prices for you, and choose the best locations to save you time… and have a good time, for example by taking advantage of your evenings to discover the area and enjoy the trip!