Graphics, design & art direction

Because your visual identity inevitably requires inspired graphic design, Agence B8 puts its know-how and creativity at your service for any work accompanying your digital communication campaign.

Creation of logos, illustrations, visuals for social networks, posters for print campaigns in public spaces, album covers, flyers, booklets, signage, layout, events, awareness… There are so many supports you need, and we have the ideas for you.

Why entrust us with your graphic design projects?

Whether you are an association, a public institution, a private company, a craftsman or an artist, you will need to develop visuals to communicate your existence, an event or a specific project. It is important to define an adapted strategy, to target an audience or rather to want to enlarge it, and especially to conceive your image well: it will be the first impression that one will have of you. Whether you already use our services for video production or not, we are at your side to develop your graphic identity.

Agence B8 accompanies you from A to Z for the development of your digital communication campaigns. Because we have a global vision of the different visual supports that will carry your image, we know the importance of elaborating coherent visuals, which correspond to you and reflect your friends. Approaching your communication with us is a guarantee to share your project effectively with your audience: our teams are at your side with all their creativity, experience and realism.

From concept to execution


Entrust us with the creation of your company’s graphic universe: logo, color palette, fonts, etc. Starting from a name or a structure, understanding its universe, defining its objectives and telling its story through the prism of images: this is a tailor-made mission for Agence B8.


Creating communication tools to get people talking about you by delivering a clear message is a responsibility that’s close to your heart. Designing your posters, flyers, visuals for social networks… it’s a challenge that stimulates creativity, and that’s why you’ll call on Agence B8. For example, making the link between an event and its audience through a visual, is to faithfully transcribe its essence in a single image that attracts the eye of the viewer.


Call on our graphic designers to organize and format a magazine, catalog or folder… and oversee the preparation of the file for printing. Appreciate the creative potential of a layout while we think about the paper type of a magazine. We look beyond the purely informative and think in terms of reading pace and sensory experience. At Agence B8, we don’t underestimate the playfulness of reading, and we cultivate the idea that a book, folder or magazine should be an object that you enjoy flipping through and enjoying with your fingertips.


Agence B8 ensures the graphic design and development of your website on WordPress. Today, the website is synonymous with a first approach, a first impression, which can condition the subsequent relationship between the user and the structure. That’s why, our will is above all to retranscribe the universe of the latter and to put forward its strong points, while taking care to create an ergonomic and pleasant digital environment.


Agence B8 accompanies you for your original print and digital creations. Illustration is always at the service of an idea, it allows to express a clear, strong and memorable message without reading a single word. By finding the balance between shapes, colors and symbols, we can create emotion and capture the attention of your audience. Our illustrators collect your concept, let it germinate and translate it into concept art adapted to the chosen medium.


Signage is a real playground for Agence B8’s graphic designers, whose creativity can be expressed on all forms of communication media: wall panels, windows and partitions, signs, tarpaulins, vehicles, goodies, clothing, etc… Dressing a stand for a trade show, for example, requires both informing the public, but also helping them to enter the graphic universe of the structure that welcomes them.