Recording studio, creation and post-production of sound

Agence B8 is at the service of your audio work thanks to its studio and its experienced technicians.

On the production side, our sound engineers have the latest recording equipment necessary for recording the voice-overs your video projects or podcasts require. They can also assist you with custom music creation.

On the post-production side, Agence B8’s studio allows for sound design and sound mixing of your projects thanks to a high-performance ProTools station equipped with monitoring speakers, video feedback screens and ideal acoustics.

The creativity of our sound engineers will make your projects more immersive and qualitative, beyond your expectations.

Why entrust us with your sound projects?

The realization of your sound projects requires know-how and equipment that you will find at Agence B8. Whether it is to finalize the soundtrack of your video project or a 100% audio project, the creativity of our team will be a precious asset to a quality sound realization.

Call on our sound engineers, and benefit from the comfort of their studio equipped with professional material.



Agence B8 can assist you in writing and recording voice-overs for your advertising, institutional, motion design, audio guides, etc. projects. We also take care of the casting and direction of professional actors during the recording. Our sound engineers will edit, process and mix your recordings (equalization, compression, leveling). And of course, voice-overs can make your project multilingual if needed.

Musical creation

Agence B8 can create an original, custom composition to set the tone for your project. The musical arrangements, created from virtual instruments with ultra-realistic rendering, will allow us to offer music that is perfectly adapted to your project, to give it its rhythm and to cut it according to the requirements of the narrative. The music produced is then mastered for optimal listening comfort on all media.


To bring your video or audio project to life, Agence B8 creates custom atmospheres and sound effects. This sound design stage will make your project more immersive thanks to a sound design based on sound effects, layers, pads and digital synthesis effects.

Sound mixing

Mixing is the harmonization of the different elements that make up the soundtrack: music, voices, atmospheres, effects, sound effects, etc. This stage in the studio is an opportunity to clean up the sound sources (reduction of background noise, improvement of the signal, intelligibility). It also allows the spatialization of the audio and its processing to adapt to all broadcast media: web, cinema, television (R128 standard). The mixed audio files can be delivered in stereo, 5.1, 7.1, or Atmos.


L’Agence B8 est à votre disposition pour la réalisation de vos podcasts, table ronde et autres fictions sonores. Que vous visiez une diffusion en radio ou un moyen de communication interne original, notre studio accueille vos enregistrements, et notre ingénieurs du son en réaliseront le traitement, le montage son et l’habillage sonore pour un rendu professionnel.


To be able to use your interviews in another language, Agence B8 offers effective translation solutions, before dubbing them by professional actors (voice-over without lip-synchronization, like in documentaries). This process is also useful for communicating with young audiences, who cannot yet read subtitles.