VIDEO PRODUCTION COMPANY: All you need to know !


“Production company”, “agency”, “production company”, “video” vs. “audiovisual”… There are many different ways to name our activity in everyday language.
So, what exactly does Block 8 do?
It’s simple: turning an idea into a successful film.

For example, you are an individual or a company, and need to make yourself or your product, service or project better known. You want to communicate through video, because you are aware of the potential of this media to get a message across and spread. But how do you get it done?

Video production requires the intervention of many different professions. There are those who film, those who act, those who record sound, those who work on the post-production…

For the general public, it usually only takes an idea and a camera to make a film, but you’ll soon realize that reality is much more complex!

Where do you start? What are the steps? Where do you find the equipment and skills? How do I find the right location or actor? How long does it take?

And most importantly, how much does it cost?

That’s where Block 8 comes in. As soon as you get in touch with us, we will get to know you and understand your needs, because sometimes your first idea does not measure up to your ambition. And yes, when it comes to video, fashions and formats are constantly evolving, so be careful not to get the concept wrong or you’ll miss your target!

We are here to help you formulate your idea, and more generally to propose concepts: creativity is our job. And then we are there to guarantee the feasibility of the project, give it a framework and evaluate its cost.

If you choose to work with Block 8, you only have to let yourself be guided through all the steps of creating a successful film. Pre-production, shooting, post-production, variations… As nothing is a secret for us anymore, you are in good hands! You know the schedule and the budget, we know our business.

To sum up, a production company is a house specialized in video creation, whose role is to make things happen and go as smoothly as possible so that your film goes from a simple idea to a successful and memorable video.

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Shooting typique d'une boite de production

Video production: how does it work ?

In a video production company, you will usually find people and equipment that will help you make your video idea a reality. However, the job is complex and there are ways to make your film a success.

In our production agency are gathered all the skills to take you through each stage of your project.

First there are producers, who listen to your desires, ideas and inspirations. According to your needs, they also define with you a strategy that suits your identity and your ambitions, so that Block 8 can provide you with the best service. Respecting your budget of course.

This is what makes our production company special: the combination of creativity and realism!

Indeed, from pre-production to post-production, therefore from the formulation of an idea to the distribution strategy of a finished film, many human and material resources must be synchronized. 

This is where the experience of a production agency is indispensable.

Once the idea has been approved, it’s up to our team to come in!

The directors, sometimes with the help of scriptwriters, will develop the story, with words and visuals, to work out the concept with you. Then the assistant directors will do some location scouting for your sets, and the producers will organize your shooting and assemble a strong team.

On the set, you will meet the designers, make-up artists, electricians, machinists, sound engineers, cinematographers, camera assistants, stage managers, drivers, props designers, actors, costume designers, trainees, etc…

Then will come the time of editors, graphic designers, colorists, composers, sound mixers, vfx artists…

In short, a production company is a professional company that chooses and connects all these artists and technicians, to make them collaborate coherently while respecting your intentions, constraints, budget and schedule.

That’s a lot of people in the joint.

Big steps of film production

Whatever the ambition of the video or film you want to produce,
your project will have to go through the following steps.


You have an original idea and that’s the starting point. Now, you have to build it for the appropriate format, write it down, test it, approve it. This is perhaps the most important step in video production! You obviously have to find the inspiration, confront it with what has already been done, find the form and the tricks that will make it original. Writing is sometimes a collective effort: it is the communication between a client, a director and an artist that often makes it possible to find THE concept you need and to write it efficiently.


Now that your script is ready, it needs to be studied carefully to define all the work that needs to be done to bring it to life. Sets, actors, technical means, effects, artists… It’s important to define these points well to know exactly where you’re going, what you’re aiming for, who you want to go with. All these elements must also respect your budget. Don’t panic, with experience and creativity, we often manage to find innovative solutions to make your story exist in the real world. And if no solution comes along, back to the writing phase! 


Now everything is approved, we must prepare the shooting. Establishing a schedule, mobilizing resources, booking equipment and renting what’s missing, obtaining filming authorizations for each location, hiring the necessary crew members, casting the actors and actresses, putting everyone in communication through meetings and shared documents… Nothing can be left to chance, otherwise it’s a disaster at the next stage.


It’s the big day: the shooting – which can actually be spread over several days. Everyone knows what has to be done, the schedule and goals. The keys to a successful shoot are organization, rigor and communication. There are always unforeseen events that the team will have to face. Everyone must play their part to protect the film, let the director concentrate with the actors first and foremost… and move serenely through the program, shot after shot, in a synchronized ballet of technicians. 


Now that your video has been shot, you need to shape it through editing. It’s a kind of second writing process for your film, in which you replace the words with the actual shots that were filmed during the shooting. Then comes the sound editing, the creation of visual and sound effects, the graphics for the titles and credits, the color correction (or colorgrading), the stereo or 5.1 sound mix in studio…


Now that your video is ready, you need to show it ! You need a strategy, contacts, budget… Festivals, internet, DVD, cinema, TV broadcast, social networks…?  Is it necessary to provide translation and subtitling? Why not a short version? A different format for social networks? A trailer? Advertising, press coverage…? Distribution is the most important step, the one where you can finally present your video, whose creation involved so many steps, to the world. And there again, Block 8 is with you on the road.

Autre facette du métier d'une boite de production : le filming en hélicoptère

What equipment is required to produce a video for Block 8?

Our production company manages a large amount of film equipment to enable production of your video projects. There is of course the production department with its FairPhones and computers always ready to communicate with you, write the projects, design their organization, put the teams in touch with each other. For the filming phase, Block 8 is committed to offering you the latest film and sound technologies. Regarding cameras, we maintain a long-lasting professional relationship with Sony, whose products have accompanied our development from the beginning. From the popular A7S mark II DSLR used on the filming of Everest Green in Nepal, to the brand new Sony FX9 full-format camera, Sony’s equipment holds no secrets for us. Regarding lenses, it is still at Sony that we are equipped, as their G Master zoom is complementary to our Sigma and Tamron lenses. Camera is always mounted on a professional Manfrotto cinema tripod. For sound recording, our shotgun microphones come from Sanken and Rode, and the lav microphones are the essential Sennheiser G4. Our stage lights are LEDs from the Aputure brand, known for its incomparable quality, such as the manufacturer’s famous Light Dome. Finally, the post-production is done on Apple iMac Pro, while a Macbook pro is always with us during the shooting – but we also work on Windows operated computers. Your data is always secure on our network and the Nas. And for the filming equipment, you’re in good hands at Block 8 – and if we don’t have what it takes, our long-time partner Indie Location p will have it for us! They always the best movie cameras, like the RED Epic or Helium, or the Arri Alexa Plus and Alexa Mini LF, as well as the machinery.

What software does B8 use?

In addition to the classic office suites required for project management, Block 8 uses a wide range of softwares for the post-production of your projects. These include the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, with the indispensable Premiere Pro CC – the world’s most widely used video editing software. But Adobe CC also provides us with Bridge  for organizing the workflow of rushes, InDesign and Illustrator for the conception of visuals for clients. We no longer present Photoshop for image postproduction and the limitless possibilities for original creation that it offers. For video animation, it’s still Adobe with After Effects, used by Block 8 for the animation of titles and logos, but also for the creation of motion design films or 2D visual effects. Block 8 also works with Final Cut Pro X by Apple (FCPX) for editing documentaries or subtitling for example. As for colorgrading, Da Vinci has proven its efficiency over the years, with its incomparable precision in color correction, an essential issue to give your videos a great look!

Is it possible to work with B8 internationally?

Block 8’s expertise and services know no geographical boundaries. We regularly collaborate with foreign agencies and clients, or international institutions with global reach. Our projects have already led us to film in more than 15 different countries, as well as to offer translation services in more than 20 languages to ensure appropriate distribution according to the targeted geographical audiences.

There are two possible scenarios: 

1) you need to film abroad. No problem at all! As Block 8 is based in Lyon, the agency is very well connected to the transport network. We are close to Lyon Saint Exupery International Airport (LYS), which offers daily connections to the 5 continents. Our team can easily embark on a flight to Europe, Asia, America or Africa and offer you its services on location, in order to report on a project or cover an event. We are experienced in travel and have the right equipment for mobility.

2) you come from abroad to shoot in Lyon. Here again, Block 8 can welcome you by offering executive production services. We can guide you in the city as well as throughout the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region (or even France!), set up a film crew for you, provide all the equipment and vehicles you will need. We can also book hotels and accommodation for you, provide catering and meals, scout a location for you… It’s so much easier to use a local company to guarantee the success of your filming here!

How to choose the right production company?

There are many video production companies in Lyon, France or around the world, so you will have the choice to find the service provider who will carry out your film project. But here’s the thing, how to choose properly? What criteria should be taken into account to make an informed selection?

For us, audiovisual production is above all a collaboration that involves people. We therefore believe it is essential to favour an agency that shares your values and your ambition, because the producers will have to be attentive to your desires and your needs. It is therefore mostly a matter of human feeling, the nature of your first exchanges will say a lot about the motivation to carry out your project.

Then there are the skills: does the company in question have the ability to carry out your shooting? Do they have sufficient references to prove it to you? The experience of an agency is a guarantee of reliability. So carefully browse through the site of the targeted production company to see if what they have already done shows their expertise.

Finally, availability and pricing are obviously key factors. What is your schedule? What is your budget? Video often costs more than you might think, and we hope that the various articles in this blog will have explained why by detailing the complexity of the film production.

So don’t hesitate to compare quotes, but beware, one proposal is not worth another! Analyze the quality of the concept and the final ambition before evaluating the price. If quality has a cost, beware of agencies that abuse their prestige to overcharge for their services…

Our offices are located at 86 Boulevard de la Croix-Rousse, 69001 Lyon – France


What is a production company?

A production company is an agency that guides you through all the stages of audiovisual production. From the creation of the concept to the making of a successful video, it's only a step away.

What are the services of a film production company?

B8 offers you its services for the script, the casting, the shooting, the editing, the special effects, the recording and sound mixing, the grading, the graphics, the motion-design... up to the distribution strategy.

What is the duration of a video production service?

Shooting is only the tip of the iceberg that is the creation of a film. B8 Agency has developed a very efficient workflow, so the duration of the service will depend mainly on you!